Canisius Ibu,SH, M.Hum

One of functions of local government is to determine set of policy, rules, norms, or
law as the guidline for public welvare. This research aimed at describing the
effect of control function of local government toward the regional regulation
No.14 2005 about livestock farming control in Mokdaleurban village of
Lobalainsubdistrict of Rote Ndao Regency. The result of the study showed that the
control function of the government of Mokdale urban village was stil unsteady
since there were many of livestock still found roaming in public area. The farmer
left their livestock to graze in public area that can harm the traffic and caused
damage to crops. Although the government has administered the regulation by
ordering the farmer to control their livestock and seize the roaming livestock, but
these actions were not continually executed.

Keywords: control function, regional regulation, livestock farming
Repository Canisius Ibu,SH, M.Hum
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